Digital Visibility Solutions for small businesses

Let's talk about Visibility

Visibility in the digital market space today is not just about being seen. Let me tell you why by using these 3 key factors. 

3 keys of Digital Visibility

Personal branding

People don’t just buy your products because they love them, but because they believe in the perception you have branded and the unique connection they have with you. A good brand identity is what distinguishes you from your competitors.

Product Value

Your product can be everywhere at all times, and people will view them without taking any further action. The question is simple, what does your product do to these people? The value is what is visible to them and not the product.


Now that you understand your unique brand identity and your product value, you need to maintain these values and your brand identity to stay connected with the right people who need your product.

Take a look at how My Visibility Concept looks like

Who am I…?

I am glad you asked.

I am Ndikum IC, founder of Ndikum IC Media, a Digital Marketer & brand Consultant. I help small  businesses grow online by optimising their brand identities that significantly improve Visibility, especially in the digital market space.

My skills.

My passion for digital marketing has helped me build many skills which have gone a long way to give me this unique personality in the digital market space. These skills are as follows;

  • Web design/ development 
  • Social Media marketing 
  • Motivator 
  • Talent developer 
  • Brand consultant 

Let me give you the kind of Visibility your business needs

Tell me about your business needs, and I will get back to you with a solution
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