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What is this business all about anyway?

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

It is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales, done by independent representatives often working from anywhere for as long as they have an internet connection. The beauty is that you build a network of people called “business partners” to assist with lead generation and closing sales. This then gives you that freedom and opportunity to make money even while you are sleeping.

This is What you need to know.

Network marketing, in my opinion, is an opportunity to transform your life physically, financially, psychologically, socially and more. To some people, it serves as a springboard to project themselves beyond marketing products. For example, we get to meet some motivational speakers, leadership trainers, and coaches who started as network marketers and then evolved to what they do today.

This is because, when you begin training and transforming the lives of families and friends, you start seeing yourself beyond the network marketing business. This, therefore, is how you start building a new path for yourself and a successful future in business.
Another powerful thing about the network marketing business is that you are always leading and working with people. Therefore, making it in this business would mean developing an interest in people and their daily challenges. Hence you become this phenomenal leader and team player, which allows you to work in a group and achieve considerable successes.

Read what some great minds get to say about network marketing.

3 essential things to note before joining any network marketing business


It should have an actual product that you can consume and recommend to friends. Most importantly, ensure that the products or services are not readily available elsewhere, especially at a discount. Lastly, make sure they’re not just another “me too” product or service with tons of competition.


You should be able to start earning commissions even before you get someone to join you.  If you have a good network marketing business that sells great products and you make a commission on the sale of the product. 


You should understand the source that generate the commission you get, and this clarity would enable you to strategise plans to get more. Note this, for any excellent network marketing to pay you in the long term, it should be clear why you get paid, and the best case should be a percentage from the sales you make.

Other factors are;-

  • How long the company have been existing.
  • The level of their interaction with technology. 
  • payment system, and the list goes on.

However, the 3 main points above covers everything about an excellent network marketing agency.

Who am I…?

I am glad you asked.

Ndikum IC founder of ‘Ndikum IC Media’ I am a Digital Marketer & brand Consultant that helps small businesses grow online through the optimisation or designing of their brand identity that significantly improves visibility, especially in the digital market space.

Why am I doing this?  

Another good question. As a digital market and someone who helps small businesses and individuals grow online, I wanted to expand my platform by giving interested individuals the opportunity to start a business with no capital, no inventory and more. All they need is their willingness to sell. 

To make it even better, I will be helping them with powerful tools to use online. that is just to name the few things we can do together. 

Why are we still here? Just go to the contact form below and let’s start something great right away. 

Let me give you an opportunity to start something powerful today.

Tell me about yourself and we will start from there. 

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